A good moving experience always results from a good planning; and the packaging is the crucial sides of organizing. It could be even fun when you’ve got sufficient time to spend on. In other case it is pretty tediously, however pretty useful because you can combine it with another important activity while moving – cleaning.

Let’s try to make your packaging as pleasant as it can be. It is best to begin from sorting your things. In case you move your kitchen, first of all decide what stuff is going with you to your new kitchen and which is going into the garbage bin. Separate your kitchen stuff: cups goes in one box, dishes in other, towels in third etc. It is recommended to sort your kitchenware by “theme” because later it will be quite easy to get things you need upon your arrival to your new property.

Take it as an advise and start your kitchen packing well before moving day. You can use some utensils you’ll need on a daily basis and then generate a separate box. That will save your nerves from stress. The best and wise, however, would be to entrust packing to an expert moving company – that could help make your moving experience worriless.  Our Movers Mississauga know everything about moving. Movers Mississauga  guarantee a pleasant and unforgettable moving experience!

Now you need packaging boxes. It could be cardboard once or more eco friendly – plastic, reusable once. Always remember to put unbreakable, heavy and large things on the bottom. Lighter, smaller or breakable objects must be placed on the top in the boxes. Pack your dishes by wrapping each one with packing paper. Do not over full your box and try to make it lighter. is better to make more small boxes instead of few large.

All your food should go at least in the “open first” box and would be better if you take them with you in the car so you could immediately place your food into the fridge upon arriving to your new place.