No need to say that glassware is most delicate thing that requires most careful handling while you move. But they may not be just most fragile or pricey objects in your home. They could mean to you more than just utensil because they might be passed from generation to generation, or it might be a gift from a loved person.
In any case, you would definitely like to see your glassware safe after being transported to your new home.

So, let’s start wrapping them properly using our simple guide. Just to remind you: it is always better to entrust any packing to the specialists. If you do so, it won’t be any need to look for supplies and waste your time for packing your glassware. Our Mississauga Moving Company will be happy to assist you with that, however if you decided to do it by yourself – obviously, you could do this it.

Make sure you have enough paper, bubble wrap, tape and boxes.
You could consider a newspaper as a wrapping material. Just something to advise with: the newspaper will color your hands ( and sometime the item you are wrapping) in black. It might be a not so pleasant feeling. So, for the best result Mississauga moving company will advise to buy a roll of wrapping paper. Gently and generously wrap every piece of glassware with paper so it will be all covered. Place the item in the center of your paper sheet and fold its edges inside a plate, bowl, glass etc. Place the wrapped item in the box face up. The plates or bowls are stackable so it is easier to pack them in a box.

With glasses is a little more complicated. After wrapping each glass, place them vertically in the box. It will be perfect to put some crumple paper between them (in case your box has no dividers, the kind used to ship bottles). When first level of the box is filled, you may add another on top of it but first put come newspaper or towels on top of bottom level. Don’t make more than two levels of glassware and don’t forget to label your boxes. Also important is not to over stuff the box and at the same do not leave any empty spaces.

Now you are good to go and our Mississauga Moving Company is always happy to give you a hand!