How to proceed, if needed to relocate fast, but still having the property on the market? Mississauga movers are ready to give you some tips!

It happens that sometimes you have to face with a situation, if you should move from city to city just in few weeks. Be it a new job or anything else, but it happens that you’re forced to move prior to your house is sold.

It is obvious, that it is much hard to manage the selling process, being in other city, or in other house, handling two mortgages.

When it is a new position offer circumstance, would be a good idea, probably, for the partner who got this new offer, to go first to the new place, whilst the other remains in the sold-to-be house to manage the selling.

In the other case, you should consider lots of things, to ensure that your property stays protected, keeping its entrance charm and is sold as fast as possible. Mississauga Movers would suggest you to think about following:

• Continue to remain in touch with your Realtor. When you are selling long-distance, you will have to rely on your representative even more.

– Be sure you know about number of people are visiting your property and ask your agent for the feedback from them.

• Would be much better, if you could leave your house furnished, because it will appear more cozy and attractive. You also could make a beautiful staging. It means more money, however it’s worth every penny.

• If you decide to not use the furniture, take pictures of it when it is furnished, so, the visitors will have an idea about how great it is when furnished..

• remember to keep your lawn on front yard and your backyard neat and attractive.

• Brighten up your landscape designs before leaving. If it is possible, do not be lazy to refresh your flower beds with new colorful plants!

• In the case your house is completely empty, take a tour of the house to find some scratches that might need some new paint. Remember to check all the walls and the floors, because they might be damaged when the furniture was moved and the buyers will notice this at once.

• Try to enhance your walls with neutral colors, especially if you leave your house empty, and the walls will be the only decoration of the house. .
• Make sure your carpeting is cleaned by professionals. This is essential in case the house will be empty.

• Would be nice to leave your appliances with user’s manuals for the next host.

• For the protection, you really should purchase an outside sensor lighting that will turn on and off automatically every morning and night. Be sure also, to cancel all of your subscriptions and re-direct your mail to the new address.

• If you’ve got an alarm system, make sure you gave the access code to the agent.

All this simple tips from Mississauga movers are not a secret, but sometimes, being in rush we forget about obvious things. Hope, that with the Mississauga movers suggestion your moving will be stress-less!