Movers MississaugaCrystal is a special kind of glass, with a significant amount of special content of lead oxide and barium oxide . Adding barium oxide affects the increase of refractive index , and the addition of lead oxide affects the growth of the plastic properties and processing capabilities cut , thread , etc. Crystal cut, similar to faceting gems, gives freedom to crystal’s properties – a high refractive index and dispersion. It starts shine like a diamond.
 In other words, the crystal – is the same as a lead silicate glass containing from 13 to 30 percent lead oxide , and up to 17 percent potassium oxides .
 How do I pack it in a box?
1. Prepare strong boxes. Ask your carriers, which capacity is better suited for breakable objects . The Mississauga movers may supply or advise which place to go for the best packaging material. Stock up on them in sufficient quantity as to not overwhelm the available boxes . This will lead to unsafe carrying them . Better to have more under-filling than a little crowded boxes.
 2 . Wrap in paper (if no special wrapping paper, use simple newspaper ) each item separately. Ideally pack each item twice. Place the packaged objects one by one at the base of the box in an attempt to completely shut it . You decide to put another layer of items on top of first. But remember that Mississauga Movers advise to put on top some linens and clothes rather than another layer of crystal stuff.
3 . Insert crumpled paper in each glass or cup. Then wrap it in paper 2 or 3 layers . Put them on the base of the box  (ensuring they are safe) laid paper between each other  in order to avoid their damage during transportation. The same goes for soup cups , saucers and dishes.
 4 . Content label every box using marker. For example , mark the box “glass – kitchen “, ” crystal – Living ,” etc. This will help the movers to place boxes with dishes for those rooms in which they will be later .
 5 . Remind your carriers  of your most precious items . Even with specially marked boxes or apply an additional reminder. However even Mississauga movers advise you to take most valuable and breakable items with you.
      As always there is a possibility of risk when transporting glass, crystal or porcelain , you can have better chances of productive delivery of your crystal items , taking an active part in your moving event.