All these tips suggested by residential  movers Mississauga  may help ensure your indoor plants get to their new home in great shape.

1. For anyone who is going a fairly short distance, just pack your plants and flowers in wide open boxes. Make sure to add some soft paddling around the plant pot. You could do it using newspaper. After that, place your plants inside the car.

2. Regarding taller vegetation, cover the top of the pot with moss. Then  protect  each plant pot with vinyl wrapping ( fix it using the tape). Now you can place your tall plant on a side in the car without losing the potting mix and avoiding any mess.

3. In case you are relocating the cold winter months, cover your indoor plants and flowers with papers prior to moving them. Some plants can’t tolerate even few minutes in cold. The best would be to load your plants while your car is in the garage.

4. If you have to travel for few days, carrying your plants in the car, Residential Movers Mississauga warn you  to treat them like any pet: be sure they get enough water and air.

5. In case you are moving a long- distance, choose the most favorite and have them with you. Others your might like to give as a  gift or sell and buy new one for your new house.