Crystal, a unique type of glass enriched with lead oxide and barium oxide, possesses exceptional properties that set it apart. Adding barium oxide enhances its refractive index, while the infusion of lead oxide enhances its plasticity and processing capabilities, enabling intricate cuts and threads. Like faceted gems, crystal’s cut allows it to radiate with a dazzling brilliance, resembling the enchanting sparkle of a diamond.

Movers MississaugaIn essence, crystal is a lead silicate glass containing 13 to 30 percent lead oxide and up to 17 percent potassium oxides. Extra care and attention are required to ensure safe transportation when packing and moving these delicate treasures. Let Mississauga Movers guide you through the process and make your crystal-moving experience unique and powerful.

  1. Prepare sturdy boxes suitable for fragile objects. Seek advice from your carriers regarding the best box capacity for breakable items. Mississauga Movers can provide or recommend the ideal packaging materials. Ensure you have an ample supply of boxes to avoid overfilling, which can compromise their safety. It’s better to have some under-filled boxes than to overcrowd them.
  2. Wrap each crystal item individually on paper. A simple newspaper will suffice if you don’t have specialized wrapping paper. For added protection, consider double-wrapping each item. Place the wrapped items at the base of the box, ensuring it is fully sealed. You can add another layer on top if you have more crystal items. However, Mississauga Movers suggests placing linens and clothes on top rather than another crystal layer to prevent excessive pressure.
  3. Fill each glass or cup with crumpled paper, then wrap it with 2 or 3 layers. Safely position them at the box’s base, ensuring enough paper between each item to prevent damage during transportation. The same approach applies to soup cups, saucers, and dishes.
  4. Label each box with descriptive markers. For example, mark a box as “glass – kitchen” or “crystal – living room.” This labeling system helps the movers place the boxes in the appropriate rooms during unpacking.
  5. Remind your carriers about the presence of your most precious items. Even with well-marked boxes, consider providing an additional reminder. However, it’s advisable to transport your most valuable and fragile possessions personally.

While transporting glass, crystal, or porcelain always carries a certain level of risk, you can significantly increase the chances of successful delivery by actively participating in your moving process. By following these instructions from Mississauga Movers, you can ensure the safe transportation of your cherished crystal items and embark on a journey that preserves their exquisite elegance.

Experience the beauty of crystal, unwaveringly radiant and enchanting, as it graces your new home with its timeless allure. Mississauga Movers is committed to providing exceptional moving services that honor the uniqueness of your possessions. Trust us to handle your crystal items with the utmost care so that you can focus on the excitement of your new beginning.